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Woven Blanket Sort By Production Method
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Woven Blanket Sort by production method

Sort by production method

Carpet due to different production methods can be divided into mechanism carpet, handmade carpets. The mechanism rugs also include tufted carpets and woven Wilton carpets, woven Akimuste rugs

■ tufted carpet

The carpet is a major classification of mechanical manufacturing carpets, it is not intertwined with latitude and longitude but the pile of yarn through the steel needle inserted in the carpet base fabric, and then after the process of plastic holding the city from the head. As the carpet production efficiency is higher, it is the preferred carpet decoration hotel, can be described as inexpensive

■ woven Wilton carpet

The carpet is through the warp, weft yarn, velvet yarn three yarn intertwined, after the glue, shearing, etc. after the process of finishing from. As the carpet craft from the British Wilton area, so called Wilton carpet. This loom is a double-layer fabric so that the production efficiency is relatively fast

■ woven Akeminster carpet

The carpet is also through the warp yarn, weft yarn, velvet yarn three yarn days weaving, after the glue, cut cashmere and other processes after finishing. The carpet used in the process from the United Kingdom Akminster, this loom is a single layer of fabric and the speed is very low, carpet weaving efficiency is very low, its efficiency is only 30% of the Wilton loom.

■ other

Hand made carpets

Manual robbery carpet

Sort by usage function

■ Commercial carpets

Commercial carpet in the country is also limited to hotels, hotels, office buildings, offices, restaurants and other places, and in the United States and Western developed countries, commercial carpet in addition to the use of the premises, the airport terminal, terminal wave hall, Waiting areas, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, nursery schools, theaters and other places are widely used, and with economic development and social progress, surface use of the carpet will gradually increase the scope of coverage will be broader.

■ home carpet

As the name suggests is the home carpet carpet in our country is still parked on the carpet, because the Chinese family decoration is still a large number of wood flooring and Western developed countries, the family carpet is full of grocery and carpet combination, the Chinese family The carpet has great potential

■ Industrial carpets

Industrial carpets from home to abroad, still limited to cars, aircraft, passenger ships, trains and other decorative use.

According to different classification of raw materials

■ wool carpet - the use of wool as the main raw material to do.

■ chemical fiber carpet - (synthetic fiber) using nylon fiber (nylon), polypropylene fiber (polypropylene), polyacrylonitrile fiber (acrylic), polyester fiber (polyester), stereotypes silk, silk, PTT and other chemical fiber as the main raw material do.

■ plastic carpet - the use of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers and other auxiliary materials as the main raw materials to do.