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Scarf Gloss Recognition Method
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Scarf Gloss recognition method

A thin scarf inadvertently around the neck in a circle, towel tail at random behind, not only to the incense shoulder to increase the warmth, even more added a bit sexy and charming.

How to identify the scarf is silk fabric?

Glossy recognition method: the appearance of the scarf flat view, the silk has the performance of light absorption, looks smooth and can not afford to mirror, glossy and elegant, pearl bright; imitation silk fabric, although the hardened handle, feel soft, but silk Dark, shiny like metal.

Hand feeling recognition: Silk feel soft and elegant, silk thread is more dense, with the hand will be wrinkled, the higher the purity, the greater the density of silk feel better, silky soft, flexible, gently when the sound of silk Cool sense; and rayon feel more rough, not wet cold feeling.

Droplet identification method: the water drops in the fabric, hand rubbing, rayon easy to break, silk is more solid.

Burning identification method: out part of the yarn burning, silk can not see the fire, there is the taste of burning hair, silicum into a black granular, you can hand crush; imitation silk fire flames, plastic taste, Leaving hard pieces.

In the washing silk scarf also has some stress:

Must be hand wash: If the washing machine with a washing machine prone to "and silk" "fluff" "turn silk" phenomenon. Hand wash should also gently rub, dehydration can not be directly into the washing machine, should be loaded into the net bag or with a piece of non-faded cloth, dry, so there will be no wire and deformation.

Select neutral detergent: Wash silk fabric is best to choose a neutral detergent, detergent and alkaline detergent can not be used, neutral detergent will not hurt the silk fiber.

Water temperature should not be too high: 30 degrees below the best, the same color of clothing can be washed together, if the color is not the same must be washed separately, because the silk fabric easy to fade, if the color is difficult to remove.

Cool sunburn: After washing the silk fabric in the cool and cool place to dry, not in the sun drying, dry and then with a steam iron ironing. If the stains are more difficult to wash the silk clothes the best to go to the professional dry cleaners to wash.

  Yarn Application: Apply a variety of different types of yarn to the weft yarn, including a variety of non-chenille fancy yarn, linen yarn and so on. In addition, several different types of yarns are applied to the warp yarns. Commonly used warp and weft density may also have some adjustments. Fabric structure: will be more use of more complex changes in tissue design: the previous concrete design will evolve towards abstract design.

 So the new style of woven fabrics will be more of the future style of the three-dimensional sense of the fabric, the design is more abstract, more modern. In addition should also be mentioned two kinds of products, one is velvet fabric, the other is the carpet. These two products are also an important element of international home decoration.