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Knitted Blanket Cleaning And Maintenance
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Knitted Blanket Cleaning and maintenance

Blanket How to clean and maintain the blanket is a commonly used warm items, soft and light and comfortable. However, the blankets are generally particularly vulnerable to water, soak in the water to clean the special trouble, and often wash the blanket will affect its warmth effect. Is there a good way to clean the blanket? How is the blanket maintenance? Let's take a look. Here are talking about the blanket hand wash method, dry cleaning do not speak.

  How to clean ordinary blankets? Washing, it is best to first blanket foam in cold water for about 1 hour, will be adsorbed on the surface of the dust away from, and then rinse with water 1-2 times, squeeze the water, then the blanket into the 40 ℃ washing solution A blanket about 50 grams of detergent), and up and down carry rinse. If the corner of some dirty, you can use a small brush dipped in detergent gently brush about. As the alkali resistance of wool is relatively poor, washing should be used soap or neutral detergent. Blanket washed, the first wash with warm water three times, then rinse with water until the bubble so far. If you want the blanket to wash more supple, you can in the last rinse, add about one or two tablespoons of white vinegar, so that after washing the blanket looks more beautiful. How is the thick blanket hand wash? 1, ready to warm water: wash thick blankets can not be washed with cold water, preferably with warm water, generally 20-30 degrees of warm water can be. 2, soak soap or detergent: in the wash basin with a neutral soap or high-level detergent into 20 degrees or so of the soothing soap. 3, soaked thick blankets: the blankets in the water completely soak for 30 minutes. 4, gently: gently squeeze the water into the soap and then gently hand rubbing pressure.

5, vinegar to prevent the old: gently press the washing can be, if it is a pure blanket, rinse in the last rinse, if you want to prevent the wool blanket old, in the water to wash a few drops of vinegar can prevent this situation appear. 6, squeeze the water: rinse, the blanket rolled up, gently press, drain the water, and then brush the brushed brush into the original box shape. 7, dry or dry: After cleaning the wool blanket can choose to dry, if there is no dryer to dry on the pole, keep the tiled form, into the shade can be. It is not recommended to use the hanger to dry, so easy to deformation. 8, wrinkle: If the carpet after the carpet there is a fold, you can have a fold in the place of a wet towel, iron with iron ironing, that fold can disappear. A variety of stubborn residue cleaning 1, remove the oil: the blanket into the basin, put some food alkali surface, and then into the open bubble 10 minutes,

The oil ran out, washed with hot water, dried, especially clean. 2, remove the juice: dip in the juice of the place squeeze the toothpaste, and then scrub, washed with water just fine. Different blankets can also be washed according to different materials, choose not the same cleaning method. Blankets are pure blankets, blended blankets and chemical fiber blankets three. Wool made of blankets, to use cold water soak through the blanket, and then gently press the hand to all wet, and coated with soap hand gently rub, do not dry the blanket, squeeze the water by hand, or easily lead to blanket deformation The Blanket to use dry, can not be directly on the sun exposure, or blankets easy to tan hard, take shape. Synthetic fiber made of blankets, generally have two types of polyester and acrylic. Such blankets can be placed in the washing machine wet wash, but the water temperature should not be too high, about twenty to forty degrees Celsius is better. After cleaning the same dry treatment, can not be put into the dryer drying, otherwise it will make the fabric shrink or harden.