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Kids Plush Vest Custody Method
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Kids Plush Vest Custody method

Plush fabric storage precautions plush fabric is generally a fine acrylic knitwear (except grain cloth), storage and storage process, should pay attention to sunscreen, mold, anti-weight, so as not to damage the fabric, the specific packaging, custody method is as follows: 1 . Fabric to package to save, can not be folded to prevent hair; package, the middle of the use of hard paper tube for support, the cloth head with tape fixed on the paper tube, and then the cloth along the hair to the uniform force roll, Cloth tail with tape fixed firmly, and jacket plastic bag is packed. 2. After the cloth is packaged, should be horizontal and vertical cross, the maximum should not exceed 5 layers, to prevent the bottom of the fabric crushed (the bottom of the use of square wood liner floating moisture). 3. Fabrics can not be placed in direct sunlight, to prevent sun discoloration. 4. Cloth should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, not close to the steam pipe or too wet place, to prevent damage caused by fabric or mold. 5. When handling the fabric, pay attention to gently, is strictly prohibited to push and pull, to prevent causing hair. 6. After a long period of storage, the use of re-check to see if the fabric is inverted hair, such as inverted hair serious to re-organize and then use (in general, the higher the hair is easy to fall, the lower hair is not easy ).

How to clean plush products? Method ①: the required materials: a bag of coarse salt (large grain of salt) and a plastic bag to the dirty plush toys into the plastic bag, put the right amount of coarse salt, and then the mouth to live, hard shaking. A few minutes later, the toys on the clean, we see the salt has become dark. Remember: do not wash is suck Oh! The Can also be used for different length of plush toys; plush collar and cuffs; can also be used for car cushion (the salt down on the mat can be forced to rub) home coup program has been introduced. Method ②: Material required: water, silk hair detergent, soft brush (or other tools can also be replaced) in the basin into the water and silk hair detergent, with a general soft brush or other tools to stir the basin Water to stir up the rich foam, and then stained with a soft brush brush the plush toy surface brush clean, be sure to pay attention to the brush do not dip too much moisture. Brush clean plush toy surface with a towel to plush toys wrapped up, into the water filled with water basin wash. This can remove the dust and the washing liquid from the plush toy. And then put the plush toys into the basin with a softener soak for a few minutes, and then in the water filled with water basin wash a number of times, until the basin of water from the turbidity becomes clear. Will clean the plush toys still wrapped with a bath towel, into the washing machine in the soft dehydration, dehydration after the plush toys after shaping and combing after the ventilation in the dry. Pay attention to dry when you want to dry in the ventilation, it is best not to exposure, can not sun can not be sun can not sterilization, exposure easy to discoloration method ③: more suitable for larger plush toys to buy a pack of soda powder, the soda powder and dirty Of the plush toys into a large plastic bag, the pocket tightly shaking hard, will slowly find plush toys clean. Finally, the soda powder due to adsorption of dust and become gray-black, remove the soda can get rid of powder. This method is more suitable for larger plush toys and will sound the plush toys. Method ④: more suitable for electronic, sound of a class of plush toys In order to prevent plush toys on the small parts wear, the plush toy parts of the tape with adhesive tape, into the laundry bag choose rubbing washing method, After hanging in a cool place to dry. When you dry, you can pat the plush toy, make its fur, stuffy fluffy, soft, so plush toys after cleaning the shape will be better to restore the status quo.