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Kids Plush Jakcet There Are The Following Types
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Kids Plush Jakcet There are the following types

Inventory fall students women's jacket which choose the early autumn season, the students MM who should find the new autumn clothing. While the coat is an indispensable fall dress, then what kind of jacket for this dull autumn to add more new ideas? Then let us explore how to choose the fall of women's jacket, perfect personal match. 1. Sweater Sweater is the first choice for the early autumn season. As the sweater belongs to the casual class clothing, so suitable for all ages, students MM are also prefer it. Sweater graffiti design can not only highlight the personality, or the necessary weapons by age. And its loose version of the type, giving a soft and comfortable feeling. In addition, it is also very simple with, casually coupled with a sports pants or skirt will be able to wear clothing fashion feeling. 2. sweater sweater is also the best choice for autumn coat. It is made of plush fabric, mild texture, style chic, with simple. Choose a self-cultivation of jeans can easily solve the problem with the clothing. 3. Windbreaker A color Smart windbreaker is also a good choice for student women's jacket. Autumn clothes are mostly partial dark lines, will give people a dull feeling. So, if in the fall to choose a vibrant coat, and then with a short skirt, will be able to add a lot of youth for their own breath, eye full!

Warp knitted fabrics often polyester, nylon, vinylon, polypropylene and other synthetic filament as raw material, but also useful cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and blended yarn for raw materials. It has good vertical and horizontal stability, fabric crisp, small dispersion, not curling, good ventilation and so on. But its lateral extension, elasticity and softness than weft knitted fabric. Mainly the following types: 1, polyester warp fabric: cloth flat Ting, bright color, thick and thin of the points. Thin, mainly used for shirts, skirts fabric; medium and thick, thick type can be used for men and women in the clothing, windbreaker, coat, suits, trousers and other fabrics; 2, warp knitted fabric: mainly used for winter men and women coat, Leather, coat, trousers and other fabrics, fabric drape, easy to wash, quick-drying, non-iron, but in the use of static accumulation, easy to adsorb dust; 3, warp knitted mesh fabric: take mesh fabric texture, 4, warp velvet fabric: the surface of the villi thick stands, feel thick, plump, soft, flexible, warm and good, mainly for winter clothing, the use of silk, Children's fabric; 5, warp knitting fabric: This fabric has a full feel thick, thick cloth solid, flexible, hygroscopic, good warmth, terry structure is stable, with good performance, mainly for sportswear, Lapel T-shirts, pajamas, children's wear and other fabrics. A pure wool worsted fabrics are mostly thin texture, it is smooth, clear lines. Glossy natural soft, there is light. Body stiff, soft and flexible feel rich. Clenched it loose, basically no wrinkles, even if there are slight creases can also disappear in a very short time.

Pure wool woolen fabric mostly thick texture, it is full, shiny soft and cast a glance light enough. It does not reveal the bottom of the face and suede. The weave pattern is clear and rich. Feel gentle, crisp and flexible. Wool blended fabric a wool and polyester blended fabric sunshine on the surface of the flash point, the lack of pure wool fabric soft soft feeling. Wool polyester (polyester wool) fabric crisp but with a plate hard feeling, and with the increase in polyester content and significantly prominent. Elastic than pure wool fabric is better, but feel less than pure wool and wool blended fabric. Clenched it loose, almost no crease.