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Kids Plush Jakcet Maintenance Instructions
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Plush product maintenance First, the plush product maintenance tips 1, please keep the indoor environment clean, diligent clean, dry, soft tools to sweep the surface of plush products. 2, do not plush products near high temperature objects, otherwise it will damage the fabric and filler. 3, with non-waterproof electronic accessories plush products, must be cleaned before the electronic parts and batteries removed to prevent water damage. 4, cleaning plush products for the appropriate water temperature of 30-40 ℃, for neutral detergent, for plush products, with cashmere detergent better. 5, plush products machine wash, you can use bath towels or laundry bags to protect the product surface fabric, can also be used to stick the tape stick nose, eyes, mouth and other accessories to prevent falling off. 6, washed plush products, the best comb with the direction of the fur combing neatly, to keep the fur smooth, beautiful, and placed in a cool dry and ventilated place to dry. 7, encountered wet season, it is recommended to use plastic bags to save plush products and place the desiccant, to keep the plush product inside and outside dry. 8, it is recommended that regular plush products into the sun drying, each drying time of not more than half an hour. 9, for you and your family's health, please regularly on the plush product disinfection, cleaning treatment. 10, plush products are flammable, please stay away from fire.

1. Machine wash small size of the plush products in the machine wash should be placed in the laundry bag, select the gentle mode for cleaning, after washing with a gentle mode to dry. It is recommended to use the washing liquid for cleaning, the washing liquid is not only easy to dissolve, but also the cleaning effect is better than the washing powder, the plush product itself can also play a protective role. Large-size plush products are also cleaned in a gentle mode, washed with a towel, dried in gentle mode, dried after plush products, and sorted out in a cool, dry ventilated place To dry, avoid exposure in the hot sun.

2. Manual cleaning should be diluted before the laundry solution, and then put the plush product into the water soak for some time. When rinsing, rub and rinse it by hand until the dust and detergent on the plush product are cleaned. After cleaning, hand the plush product within the moisture squeeze out, can not be wring dry, and then wrapped with a few minutes dry towel dry water, and finally clean the plush products after shaping, combing, in the cool, Dry ventilated flat to dry, avoid exposure in the hot sun.

3. Dry cleaning Before the dry lotion sprayed on the plush product, so that it is slightly wet (not too dry, or can not dissolve dust), about two minutes later, the dry lotion will plaster product surface suspended dust dissolved and condensed in the hair The top, with a soaked wet towel to wipe the plush product body until the wipe until no stains so far. Dry clean after the product, preferably placed in the sun drying time, not more than half an hour. Cleaning with a dry cleaning agent will not harm the plaster products within the material and fur, it will not cause fiber shrinkage, deformation, fading, moldy and other issues, but also with the smell, fast drying effect.