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Kids Plush Coat Wool Fabric
- Jun 15, 2017 -

What kind of fabric is the clothes? What are their characteristics? Wool. Advantages: soft and flexible, soft and natural, comfortable and beautiful, feel more high-grade, good hygroscopicity, easy to heat, warm and good, anti-wrinkle, especially in the clothing after ironing a better pleated Note: Wash the temperature can not be too high, avoid hard scrub and twist twist, to avoid the sun exposure. Ironing points: wet hot method, from the back of the clothing will be clothing, clothing, clothing, clothing, Ironing the wool fabric.

Wool fabric: refers to the fabric made of wool and polyester blended yarn, is the most common of the current blended wool fabric. Hair polyester blends are commonly used in the ratio of 45:55, both to maintain the advantages of wool, but also play the strengths of polyester cotton fabric. Advantages: strong hygroscopicity, dyeing performance, soft, comfortable, simple appearance, Fast and durable. Disadvantages: shrinkage, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, clothing conformal poor, easy to mildew, there will be a slight fading phenomenon, not acid. Note: clothing and cotton storage, use and custody should be Anti-wet, mildew; not a long time exposure, drying when the middle layer should be dug out, not so long soaking, not wring dry, moisture, mildew, dry. Ironing points: low temperature, medium temperature ironing; medium temperature ironing need to have clothes covered with dry cloth, so as to avoid aurora.

Cotton fabric. Advantages: cotton fabric by high concentrations of caustic soda (wool) after treatment, feel smooth, bright colors, silky luster, comfortable to wear

Disadvantages: a slight fade phenomenon

Note: (and cotton fabric is basically the same.) Glossary: mercerizing treatment is a traditional cotton fabric processing technology. It uses low-grade (high-count) cotton fabric, the high concentration of caustic soda treatment, so smooth and has a silky luster, and then use high-quality softener finishing, wearing light cool, smooth and comfortable. The company has a cotton monofilament T-shirt (referring to a singeing and alkali treatment) and cotton double mercerized T-shirt (referring to the second singeing and alkali treatment).

T / C fabric (polyester / cotton) fabric technology: the use of fine or ultra-fine denier polyester fiber and high count of combed cotton (40, 60, 80, etc.) intertwined, advantages: fabric feel crisp, cool Slippery, bright color. Have a flexible body, moisture permeability and good surface smooth, there is a certain anti-rain function. Washing maintenance: the water temperature of 30? C the following, washing soaking time of not more than 30 minutes, not chlorine bleach, not exposure, can not be wring dry, can not turn cage drying, suitable for dry, and pay attention to moisture. Ironing points: can not dry clean 110? C low temperature steam ironing.

Wool and polyester blends. Advantages: wool and polyester blended, light texture, good wrinkle recovery performance. Rugged, easy to wash quickly dry, stable size, pleated lasting. Washing points: first with cold water soak for 15 minutes, and then use the general synthetic detergent washing, washing liquid temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, collar, cuffs dirty place available Soft brush gently scrub, clean, you can twist twist, set cool and ventilated place to dry, not exposure, should not be dried, so as to avoid raw wrinkles.