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Kids Jacket In Sherpa Fabric A Variety Of Shapes
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Jackets are one of the fast changing clothing in the world today. Jacket to give people with a comfortable, fit, natural, generous, casual sense.

It can be used as a daily life to wear clothing, but also as travel, social activities to wear clothing, especially its variety of shapes, a variety of styles and changing collar, shoulder, sleeves, waist, etc. to meet many different Grade customer needs. Jacket style common jacket styles are: loose bat sleeve jacket, warrior jacket, mosaic accessories jacket, hunting jacket and pilot jacket, athlete jacket, waiter jacket, Chanel jacket, Edward jacket, scarf collar shirt sleeve jacket, Alice shoulder jacket and so on. No matter what kind of jacket, the contours of the shoulder should be appropriate, with the next coat should be given below the wide and narrow "T" font type, showing chic, slender beauty.

In the jacket shopping guide process, should pay attention to the following aspects from the style:

① full size of the customer should choose the vertical section of the strip of decorative lines of the jacket, will give the wearer to tall and straight feeling.

② thin body type of customers should choose horizontal and decorative lines of the jacket, will give people the feeling of increasing the width.

③ young people, especially young women should choose slash lines and more decorative jacket, giving a lively feeling.

④ general size young men and women can choose a straight line segmentation or a variety of geometric patterns decorated jacket.

⑤ jacket collar and cuffs or cuffs and hem fabric, color should be consistent, avoid three three-color or three fabrics, will give people the feeling of chaos.

⑥ jacket on the shoulder, bags, sleeves, chest and other decorative or lines, its shape, color must echo, in order to achieve lively shape, coordination of the United States effect.

Jacket fabric in the process of buying jackets, in addition to look at the style but also depends on the texture of the fabric. Jacket fabric selection range is very wide:

① high-grade fabrics are natural leather sheepskin, leather, horse, etc., as well as wool polyester blended, wool blended, special treatment of high-grade chemical fiber blended and pure fiber fabric.

② in the high-grade fabrics have a variety of medium-length fiber tweed, polyester-cotton anti-rain poplin, nylon silk, tc poplin, rubber silk, imitation sheepskin and so on.

③ middle and low fabrics are sticky cotton blended and cotton and other common fabrics.

Jacket style and fabric with a variety of styles of jacket should be consistent with the fabric used;

Such as: ① bat jacket, should use gorgeous bright nylon silk or Tc poplin fabric production, matched with high-quality accessories and accessories, after wearing will make women graceful.

② hunting jacket, clothing material quality requirements are higher, the application of close flat Ting, slightly thick texture, anti-wrinkle performance better fabric, men will become more tall and beautiful after wearing.