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Kids Fake Fur Jacket Identify Genuine And Fake Leather
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Now the market is full of dazzling leather clothes, but many people buy cork clothes when there will be concerns, is worried about whether they buy fake leather. Xiaobian below for everyone to explain how to identify true and false leather.

Look: First look at the outer surface of the leather, if the leather texture of each place are similar, it is likely to be false, because the leather is the body of the skin, the texture is very different, so the choice of irregular texture The leather is the right choice.

Touch: the real leather feels very soft, and there is a warm feeling, and fake synthetic leather will make you feel like a hard plastic feel.

Smell: the real leather is the kind of animal body that is very strong fur, and artificial leather will have a taste of plastic.

Try: take a few drops of water drops on the clothes, if the clothes quickly sucked in, it is true cortical clothing, if half a day without water, it is false

Burning: take the leather cloth material package, with a lighter burn, if you smell the smell of animals like animals, it is true.

Pull: the real leather pull up are flexible, and the fake leather pull up is not scalable.

1) can not use leather shoes to wipe the leather. If the shoe polish, will make the oil inside the shoe to penetrate into the leather, wax stick to the surface of the leather. So that the color of leather flowers, scattered color, affect the appearance, but also make leather sticky, attracting dust.

(2) the best leather clothes hanging on the hanger, can not be like a stack of underwear into the wardrobe, so as to avoid dead fold.

(3) leather collection requirements ventilation, can not be placed in airtight bag or plastic bag to save, you can cover a layer of cloth or a single coat. Should be stored in a cool dry place, always pay attention to moisture, mildew.

(4) for the prevention of insects, can be placed in the closet a few pieces of mothballs. But be careful not to contact with the leather directly. Because the mothballs have a corrosive effect on leather garments.

(5) before the collection, you should first decontamination, and then drying about. During storage it is best to dry one or two times, but should not sun exposure and roast.

(6) Once the leather clothing wrinkled, iron can be ironed. Ironing should pay attention to: First, with low-temperature ironing; Second, iron to move quickly; Third, it is best to use packaging paper or oil paper for hot pad.