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Classification Of Children's Wear
- Jan 10, 2017 -

When selecting clothing for children, attention should be paid to the child's physical characteristics and age characteristics. Children of different ages have different clothing. In the children's clothing industry, have separated different types of clothing. The main types are as follows:

(A) infant bodysuits

Baby equipment refers to clothing worn by infants under 36 months of age. The delicate skin of babies, head round, curious, clueless, strew. Style is simple and relaxed, easy-off easy wear; fabrics should be absorbent and breathable natural fibers. Soft cotton or wool. Color is light, warm colours or light pink, you can have embroidered. Don't pick hard materials of the babies and babies with hard buttons.

(B) children with

Child care refers to the 2-5 of young children wearing costumes. This lively, its belly full of young children with bloated bellies, naïve. Should be loose and lively style, local animals, characters, flowers, people's embroidery pattern, preferably also equipped with piping, mosaic, GATHERING process. With bright colors, stain-resistant colors. Fabric abrasion-resistant wear, easy to wash cotton textiles, the coat can also be made with a soft, washable fabrics.

(C) children with

Loading refers to the 6-11 of children's clothes for children. When children grow quickly, hands and feet grow excitable, hyperactive, self advocate. Style should be mainly loose, sensitive, and may do some tension. Color can be used to change the tone. Fabric range, both natural and man-made. Children with style variations, depending on the child's personality choice. Children can be further divided into small children's clothing, children's clothing, children's clothing categories.

(D) the teenager

Teenager is a 12-16-year-olds wore clothes. Adolescent physical development has changed a lot, and gender characteristics. They tend to have their own aesthetic preferences, particularly fond of new clothes, often ingenious. Between the requirements of children's wear and dress style. School uniforms are their most common clothing, clothing not luxury but in the match to have style, bright colors and elegant, local small to constantly evolving. More fabric is made of man-made materials. Because children grow fast, need to be constantly updated fashion, so do not select the clothing cost is too high.