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Children's Wear Manufacturers Summary
- Jan 10, 2017 -

We understand that at the present time, a lot of parents are very strict with the children, but different parent when looking at the clothes, what I see is not the same

Following children's clothing processing factories in Dongguan will see when we look at children's clothing made a summary of the issues, and see if is full

First is: pick up the pieces of clothes to the children pointing, like let the children try on until checkout did not look at the tag.

Second: look at the styles and prices, touch the material, his hand firmly believe that

Third: selecting light products as much as possible, so as to avoid contamination, but will also keep an eye on fashion strap length, longer than 20 cm is often unsafe, so I tend to set envelope collar, and mother and son snap design

Fourth: will basically selected callout 100% cotton clothes and entertainments are standard, but I would not choose a color of white babies, the clothes may contain fluorescent agents. As for style, baby clothes is basically little difference, isn't the most important factor in

Sixth: is most concerned about clothing, style and comfort, taking into account the security, I try to buy store brands

This is what we learned above, there is probably not very comprehensive, but above wrote many issues. but the main problem is that many parents are not very clear about how to choose children's clothing is the best.