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Children's Clothing Choices
- Jan 10, 2017 -

When purchasing children's clothes should take fully into account the physiological characteristics of children, should reflect the soft, breathable, comfortable, secure the four points.

One, in the texture of choice, suitable for cotton, avoid chemical fiber

First, the relatively soft cotton fabric, and the child's skin is more delicate, cotton fabric will gently contact with baby's skin, to very good effect. Fabrics tend to be hard and easy to scratch the baby's skin, causing infections and, secondly, cotton fabric with good breathability, does not prevent the evaporation of sweat, let your baby comfortable. And synthetic fabrics do not have this feature, often baby sport sweat evaporation of sweat and cannot be, cause baby clothes damp, if not replace the clothes, very easy to catch a cold.

Second, on the color selection should be light, avoid bright

Is colourful fabrics often contain many chemical staining residue, easily lead to babies suffering from skin disease, so should be careful while selecting. Also it should be noted that some white cloth is the addition of a fluorescent agent, this need for mothers who choose to be identified.

Third, work choices, should be fine, avoid cheesy

Small clothes making, finely detailed, less Flash, sewn carefully, head to clear, so as to ensure the baby is wearing comfortable, not rough cloth scratched.

Four, in the size of the design choices, should be easy, avoid tight

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