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Baby Clothes For Winter
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Day dress baby, worn thin be cold, but too bloated and influences the child's activities, and even affect child development, winter how to buy clothes?

The mother you know to baby clothes for winter note 5 points

Baby clothes for winter note 5 points

1. the style of dress should be beautiful, generous, easy to wear off.

Baby clothes, accessories and too many buttons, and metal ornaments as possible, otherwise the baby pulling down or put it in your mouth, are very dangerous.

2. choose natural, soft fabric, easy to wash and feel good.

Select cotton clothing is better, because the fabric is soft, breathable cotton; chemical fiber raw materials often causes allergies, General should be chosen as a windproof, rainproof windbreaker or coat fabrics wool is a natural product, but a rough, easy on the baby's skin irritation, so the coat is ideal.

3. to see clothing texture, and stretch.

Warm and good material, don't give your baby wrapped as "pork dumplings", and malleable material, you can let the baby activity more comfortable.