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Add Lovely Plush Coat Index
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Blast of cold air, temperatures plunge, out in the cool days of course we should focus more on cold and warm, fluffy thick coat is absolutely the best choice for cold weather, of course, for environmental protection, it is recommended that you select the clone the plush fur coat, luxurious eye-catching.

A pieces basic paragraph of skin grass, is this season not missing of single products, also can with small skin grass for mixed take displayed different of personal temperament and style, like in the paragraph skin grass coat take a article tight pencil pants, long boots a pedal, able of image on out has; and or short skin grass distribution Shang slim package hip skirt, plus a balls head, points minutes variable body cute pure of MoE sister; slim paper spent sweater catch straight skirt, plus a long skin grass.

In terms of color, imitation fur in addition to the traditional black and gray, Brown, also popular this year are red, pink, light yellow, Royal Blue, bright colors in a dark winter looks extremely pop and beautiful. Because the fur very ornate noble, so best to simple atmosphere in the accessories of jewelry, a pair of diamond earrings, a jade bracelet is enough. Of course, if you want cute, shaggy fur coat mix boy flower head, balls ... ... Anyway, as long as it is pretty lovely hairstyle, OK.