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Kids Fake Fur Vest Artificial Fabrics
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Kids Fake Fur Vest Artificial fabrics

Some of the latest research to "artificial fabric" once again become a hot topic. At the University of California, Santa Barbara, researchers found that man-made fiber clothing in the average release of 1.7 grams of microfiber in each cleaning, the rivers, oceans and marine life devastating impact. While the old man-made fiber clothing is twice the amount of new clothing.

What are these "microfibers" in the end? They are tiny plastic fibers that can poison the food chain. Its tiny body volume can allow fish and other wild creatures to swallow, accumulate in large fish and fish in the food chain, so that toxins are concentrated. And this new study is only part of the story.

Allegedly "real fur on the environment than artificial fur to large." There are obvious loopholes, not only because it is concluded by three European anti-fur agencies, the study said, "the production of 1 kg of mink skin needs to consume 563 kg of feed (meat and fish)."

On the other hand, we can confirm that the data greatly exaggerates the facts. At the same time, CE Delft completely ignores: if the mink does not eat these fish and meat, they will also be used for it, otherwise it will be buried or burned as garbage. This is the real environmental benefits.

And they selectively ignore the fact that mink feces can be used for fertilizers and biofuels. More importantly, the real fur can be used for a long, long time.

The last point may be the core of the problem, natural real fur clothing can be used for 30 years, but not too. Moreover, the real fur clothing is comfortable and warm, while the fake fur is "one-time fashion", up to 5 years in the closet, if they are lucky enough. When the artificial fur and plastic garbage bags stay in the garbage dump, the natural real fur clothing is still in your closet (perhaps several times by the manufacturers refurbished, and artificial fur will not be treated), or quietly Biological see degradation.

Finally, the artificial fur from the polyacrylate composition, the need to extract, decomposition of oil, which not only a lot of energy consumption, but also produce a large number of extremely bad chemicals. This is not to say that fur clothing in the production process does not have its own environmental problems, especially in the original skin nitrile dyeing process using chemical agents. We openly acknowledge this and try to reduce its impact on production.

As I often say, if you do not want to wear fur, I always respect your choice. If you want to have a warm and beautiful coat, please also avoid artificial fur. Anti-fur people want you to believe that "fake better than the real fur," but the fact is not the case.