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Kids Fake Fur Coat Artificial Fur
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Kids Fake Fur Coat Artificial fur

US media said that with China into the winter, made with Australian wool "fake fur" coat in China hot.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website reported on December 8, independent wool consultant Andrew Dennis said that as many as 10 million kilograms of wool - most of which is Australian wool - is used to make artificial fur.

Dennis said that this fabric in the beginning of six months ago when the demand for production downturn, but the demand for last month increased significantly.

"It looks like a sheepskin, but the back is actually no skin, but the kind of knitted texture of wool," he said. "They are called fur fabrics, because they can be dyed in various colors and are similar to fur."

Reported that last year, double-sided jacket in China's popular, but this year's long wool coat to lead the fashion trend.

Dennis said this year is popular "heavy sense" products, wool content is relatively high.

"This product uses 1.5 kilograms of wool per meter," he said.

Reported that the Australian wool products in China's sales are very good, the Australian brand UGG boots is a classic example.

Why is it called "artificial fur" rather than Australian wool or sheepskin?

Dennis said, sheepskin reminiscent of UGG style boots, and the fur sounds "more like a coat fabric."

Reported that, in his view, this is a marketing strategy.

Most Australian wool is rated as 19 microns and is the ideal wool type for mass production of "artificial fur" coats.

Wool agent Andrew Howell said that because of the "artificial fur" coat retail situation is very good, the demand for 19 micron wool is also growing.

"The price has risen over the past three weeks," he said. "China has made a lot of this kind of clothing for winter sales because the fact that the retail sales of this dress has proved very good."

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