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The history of children's clothing
- Jan 10, 2017 -

As a business activity, children's wear industry is a sign of the 20th century, over a long period of time in the history of children dressed like miniature adults, from the Renaissance or the United States colonial portraits can be seen, children's wear and adult style, is the same low neck dress, skirt and breeches.

The late 19th century, children's clothing was started is different from the adult clothes, they wear uniforms, as all the little girls dressed in drab clothes----dark high button shoes, calf-length skirts and dark socks.

Clothes of too large a number, catch up with the growth of children; children's clothing sewing is so strong, so they can pass on to young children. Many children's clothes are hand-made or from a limited number of manufacturers, manufacturer's clothing styles are very limited, because nothing can not develop, children's clothing style single seems to be a big problem, no child would dare to oppose their parents to wear clothes.

Despite some early 20th century designer specializes in high-end clothes, but it was not until after the first world war started commercial production and new children's clothing sales, children's wear industry immediately after the women's clothing industry, when women are too busy to homemade clothing and have little time to sew children's clothing.

Children's wear industry has developed another reason is because manufacturers find a way to produce clothing more sturdy than the family sewing clothing, snaps, zippers, development, as well as more durable sewing method plays a very important role.