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Present situation of children's wear
- Jan 10, 2017 -

According to incomplete statistics, from 1 to 12 years of age, children of China's urban households per capita consumption of 50 pairs of different shoes, coat, 60 sets of underwear, 80 20 hat, socks, 70 double gloves, 30, scarf 20 12 total apparel consumption at least 30,000 yuan, up to 100,000 yuan, annual averages approximately 3~5 thousand Yuan.

China has about 300 million children of the age of the city, according to conservative estimates, China children's apparel each year, potential market demand of not less than 800 billion yuan, if some developed rural markets, this figure will exceed 1 trillion yuan! Meanwhile, because of China's one-child policy, because there are no brothers and sisters of all clothing consumption "succession", all of which were "disposable".

Children supplies does not like children clothing so by popular fashion of effect so far-reaching, not has those backlog goods, also no children clothing of competition so fierce, on China market for, regardless of from products positioning, also is market positioning are is a blank, however, is and not like big child clothing as has a season or Festival of light season. throughout the, are has newborn was born, however these and are is they required of products.

Children's wear e-commerce, real children's wear market is undoubtedly a challenge: low price, cost, speedy processing of goods door-to-door, naked, easily updated, and more attractive to investors, has become an advantage than stores. E-commerce product development through two ways: type 1, design (designing online sales). 2, buyer (buying stock online sales). Buyer for the Chinese children's wear e-commerce trends, over time, buying brand-name products will be increasingly recognized by consumers, future design will gradually replace the current buy hand garment business franchise methods.