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Current situation of children's clothing should not be ignored
- Jan 10, 2017 -

According to relevant data analysis 3~12sui in the children's clothing market over 80% of retail sales of children's clothes occupies the entire market, and are expected by 2013, market size, to 108.5 billion yuan.

With the development of market in children's clothing, and children's wear industry in some situation that cannot be ignored.

1, design and copy status seriously, children's wear designers face challenges

Children's clothes design in addition to fashion, beautiful color, is important to be safe and comfortable, also consider the psychological and physiological characteristics of children. Children's clothing designers themselves put forward higher requirements on the one hand, on the one hand and their lack of market demand, which does not require designer children's clothing production clusters within a short time not shake, makes children's clothing designers have only a limited brand children's clothing company for growth.

2, national children's lack of child characteristics

Domestic clothes started late, lack of regular children's own study on physiological characteristics of designers subconsciously as adult children's clothing clothes shrink Board, only attaching importance to quantity, not brands. Brand focused on the reconstruction of "brand children's clothing design concept." Brand of children's wear design it is important to follow children's mental characteristics, functional design to meet children's physical needs.