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Considerations for buying children's clothes
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Appearance quality

Major surface parts of the children's wear has no obvious defects.

Children's wear mainly sew parts have no color and slipping. Slipping is commonly referred to as fabric "gliding" or fabric "filament", indicators of slippage levels are not up to standard, reflecting the garment seam strength is not enough, suffer from shoulder seams, armhole seams, seam opening at the side seam and not wearing. When purchasing clothing can pull at the side seams, look at the seams if there is "slipping". Look in the "slip".

Attention to children's clothes on the texture of a variety of accessories and decorations, such as the zipper is smooth, knob button is solid, elastic fit snap button, and so. Pay special attention to the fastness of the various buttons, or decorative pieces, so as not to rip easily swallowed the mouth in children.

Has a surface of fusible interlining parts such as collars, lapels, flaps, door flaps have come unglued, blistering or penetration-free glue and so on.