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Children's wear market situation
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Children's clothing covers all ages 0-16 years old. Broken down by age the baby wear, children's wear, small children's clothing, children's clothing, children's clothing, teenager. Seen from the realistic operating conditions of the domestic market in children's clothing, infant wear, children's wear, small children's clothing and children's development has begun to take shape, and industrial level is obvious, with their leader, branded a relatively significant amount.

According to the information center, China's National Bureau of statistics of China textile industry association research shows that despite the financial crisis, but the Chinese children's wear 2006-2010 supply on the rise, supply of 2006 reached 1.2 billion, by 2010 production reached 4.7 billion. As the global economic recovery and domestic economic development, and children's wear market rebound in sales growth is rapid in China in 2010, sales of children's clothing market in China reached 2.5 billion.

At present, our country has a population of more than 300 million children aged 0-16 years or so, due to the children's clothing market has great room for development in the coming years, some domestic enterprises and foreign companies generally optimistic about the development of the children's wear market prospects, began to get involved in children's wear business. Over the next few years, the children's wear market growth in consumption will maintain a 12% or more a year and becoming one of the best growth of consumer markets in China. However, because our children's wear industry is not high technology content, and lower the threshold of market entry, its marketing and product development can easily be imitated, more children's clothing manufacturers to increase their market share, according to the business orientation of different marketing strategies in the high-end market or competition in the mid-tier market.