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Children's clothing fabrics
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Children's clothing fabrics and style requirements are more stringent than adults: fabrics and accessories increased emphasis on natural and environmental protection, according to children's skin and body characteristics, the use of pure cotton, polyester/cotton, natural color cotton, wool, fur and other environmentally sound fabrics style fashion, sequins, embroidery, trumpet-shaped legs, flounces and other popular elements are reflected in children's wear design. Increased adult reflected in solid colors, dark clothing, follow adult styles of fashion trends or fashion maturity, or simple and generous, reflects "the aristocratic leisure." In addition, many clothing is a shrink version of adult clothing, if you zoom to adult size, twenty or thirty young people can wear. High-grade mainly reflected market share in brand-name children's wear, brands in all cities everywhere, consumers when purchasing children's clothes are also increasingly focused on brand names.

I. raw material

Advantages: soft elastic, soft gloss natural, comfortable and beautiful and feels more upscale, good Hygroscopicity, easy to heat, warm, good crease-resistance, especially in garment processing after the iron has a good pleat fold and shape maintenance of clothing;

Disadvantages: not alkali resistance, shrinkage, wrinkling;

Note: wash temperature is not too high, avoid twisting and scrub, avoid sun exposure;

Iron important: wet hot method, dry cloth from the reverse side;

II. the cotton fabric

Advantages: strong Hygroscopicity, dyeing properties, soft, comfortable to wear, the appearance of simplicity, not insects, a solid and durable.

Disadvantages: large shrinkage, poor flexibility, easy knit, garment poor shape retention, easy to mould, will have slight fading, no acid resistance.